Haunted House

Voted Best Haunted House in Pennsylvania three years in a row

Known as “The Haunting of Elks Lodge #714”  our banners, flyers, and posters can be seen all over town for months leading up to Halloween Season.  The Haunting of Elks Lodge #714 is torn down and rebuilt every year by our dedicated lodge members.  You are never scared the same way twice.  Some of our more famous attractions are saved, stored for a couple years, updated and upgraded and brought back to scare you all over again.  Every year the theme and all the haunts change to keep the haunting attendees on their toes.  Located at 494 Ford Street in Bridgeport PA, the dates are typically the last 3-4 weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) of October.  No other Haunted House in the area can come close to our prices with ours at $7.00 per person and the others ranging at $20-$45 per person.